The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu (zophos) wrote,

The power of lard

There was this great article on Slate the other day about how the war on fat has been pretty stupid and pointless and probably destructive. Then I read a crappy article on CNN about how junk food is addictive because of all the terrible fat. I was pretty miffed until I read the comments which for once were all calling out the study for being a crock of shit since the foods used were also high sugar. So for once in my life, I was all "Yeah! Way to go internet comments!" Things like that make me think we're closer to a reversal on thinking about fat.

However I still get chafed seeing things like Jamie Oliver's "scared straight" tactic of dumping a dumptruck full of animal at the feet of elementary school parents and exhorting them to think of what they are doing to their children with all the saturated fat. First off, animal fat is not 100% saturated. Saturated fat isn't even the majority fatty acid in lard; it's got more monounsaturated fat in it. Monounsaturated fat is "heart healthy" which is why olive oil is usually touted as the replacement for cooking. But olive oil also contains saturated fat(!), not much less than chicken fat actually. Yet chicken skin is supposed to be "bad" for you and hence all the pinch-faced advice to eat "boneless, skinless chicken breasts". Boring.
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