The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu (zophos) wrote,

To Do (2010 Remix)

I'm not a resolutionist, but I do like a good list. Also, I feel very unorganized right now.

Here's what needs to get done some time in the next year:
• Fix Evelyn's dresser so that the drawers actually work. That $40 I spent to buy it on craigslist doesn't seem so thrifty now.
  • Sort out her clothes that don't fit anymore (anything 9 months and under) and either store or donate.
  • Sell the elliptical
  • Buy a new (to me) couch
  • Finally send off my 401(k) transfer paperwork from my job from 4 years ago. I think this may have been on last year's list as well. This year's the year!
  • Finish ripping the rest of our dvds and then store those suckers in the locker thereby freeing up valuable bookcase space.
  • Use up everything in the freezer and not replace any of it. The freezer is where things go to live for a year or more only to get thrown away when we move. I can't even identify half of what's in there currently. There are three grocery stores within a couple of blocks of us that always have things on sale so if I need meat that badly, I will just go buy it and use it right then. That veal we had the other night was $2. I have similar inclinations to get rid of our 40 lbs. of rice, but the part of me that believes in overpreparing for things with only a slight risk of happening says we should hang onto it in case of an earthquake since we'll need to eat it while the city is digging out of 20 feet of shattered glass.
  • Get my glasses fixed or replaced. Evelyn likes to rip them off my face and chew on them so the earpieces are all wonky and there are scratches all over them. I'm considering contacts, but I really like glasses even though I've had people tell me that I am "much prettier" without them. Step off, haters.
  • Get orthotic inserts for my shoes. I had one arch partially collapse due to pregnancy. I would like to keep it from going completely flat.
  • Get a check up to make sure my blood pressure isn't anything to worry about. When we had our life insurance exam, the nurse was all "whoa damn!" because my bp was 90/56. It's always been low though.
  • Get our will drawn up. Because we are Adults and we need to make sure that if we both die and Evelyn becomes a tiny millionaire that she doesn't blow it all on ponies and pop rocks.

Here are some resolutions for Josh:
  • Scan your damn film
  • Get in shape so you don't die
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