The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu (zophos) wrote,

Things I would have twot had I been able

The one site where you can only type 140 characters is trying to CENSOR me. It doesn't want you to know what I am thinking.

Here are things I tried to say the past few days:

• I tried to tell Leah that I am not up on my huge-eyes-no-nose-having news.
• I tried to thank Marg for pointing me to this site because it is, in fact, funny.
• I tried to tell Larry that I also love watching "IT Crowd"
• Just now I tried to ask Alison how Cobra Commander is in (500) Sweater Vests of Summer
• I also wanted to tell everyone how I saw a Hare Krishna picnic and then we saw the police jump their car onto the sidewalk, stop the car, take off running and help arrest what may have been neo-nazis at a Metis festival at the art gallery.
• I was also going to point out this site with spooky pictures that change when you move by them
• I was going to say I finally started reading Slaughterhouse Five because I somehow missed it in high school and that so far I'm underwhelmed and that I like Gravity's Rainbow and Catch-22 better for WW2 novels.

Probably some other stuff, too. I'm so in the habit of spouting off short sentences that I guess I will just start putting them all here again.
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